The line was Designed To Be Kind® and launched in 2010 by Robyn Zimmer, a mother of a son with disabilities. Robyn’s son Sam grew up with many challenges but it was the people who embraced and accepted Sam that made the difference in his life.

Interconnecting circles joined by a square show that we are all linked together no matter what difference we may have. The square represents the difference but is an integral part of the circle.

Wearing this symbol shows support , kindness and acceptance no matter what we are going through.

Embrace the Difference® was selected as a QVC Big Find Winner!

Jewelry Designed to be kind® that can truly make a difference.

Your customers will love the opportunity to spread a message of acceptance and kindness and support their favorite charity 

As a retailer of Embrace the Difference® you can choose the local charities or local chapters of national charities  that you would like to add to the donation page. 

Each piece that you sell will be accompanied by a donation card. The customer goes online and can choose the charity they want to donate to.  

Embrace the Difference® will send a report of the names of those who redeemed donation cards and a check to the charity on a *quarterly basis.



Spread kindness and Giveback with every unique piece of Embrace the Difference®  

Please contact Robyn Zimmer for more information at